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Spellbound | Character Sheet #2 Noah by Banya-Laplace-Studio Spellbound | Character Sheet #2 Noah :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 4 0 Spellbound | Character Sheet #1 Enfer by Banya-Laplace-Studio Spellbound | Character Sheet #1 Enfer :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 4 0 Spellbound | Main Menu Screen by Banya-Laplace-Studio Spellbound | Main Menu Screen :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 6 5 Duality by Banya-Laplace-Studio Duality :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 8 2 Free Sprites | #2 Nadeshiko [Read description] by Banya-Laplace-Studio Free Sprites | #2 Nadeshiko [Read description] :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 7 6 Free Sprites | #1 Sakura [Read description!] by Banya-Laplace-Studio Free Sprites | #1 Sakura [Read description!] :iconbanya-laplace-studio:Banya-Laplace-Studio 5 6


erm by akkalime erm :iconakkalime:akkalime 5 2 Step by Step - LINE ART TUTORIAL by Saviroosje Step by Step - LINE ART TUTORIAL :iconsaviroosje:Saviroosje 168 10 Fate Proto Saber Alter by Wes80 Fate Proto Saber Alter :iconwes80:Wes80 81 13 Mountainous Clouds by Vixeria Mountainous Clouds :iconvixeria:Vixeria 10 7 Cloudy Day by Vixeria Cloudy Day :iconvixeria:Vixeria 13 13
Find your way around DA #1: Pose References
Coming up with interesting, accurate poses for your characters can be difficult. Either they all end up looking the same, or the poses just don't look right. Drawing from a reference is a great way to practice this. Luckily, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you out, both here on DeviantArt and one the big bad WWW. I've listed the ones I know here, so you don't have to do the digging.
- I've picked resources that focus on poses, not on anatomy. This means that the drawn pose references listed here are not necessarily anatomically correct. Though the two are definitely related, to me they're not necessarily the same thing. Your anatomy might be great, but a good pose can really bring your image to life. 
- This journal focuses on humans, not animals. Animal references will be listed in the next journal.
A little guide to the list
Real Life Poses: Stock photographs of real people in various poses, generally against a white backdrop.
Drawn pose stock:&
:iconiduna-haya:Iduna-Haya 761 179
Waterpool effect tutorial by ImoonArt Waterpool effect tutorial :iconimoonart:ImoonArt 363 22 seasonal by akkalime seasonal :iconakkalime:akkalime 7 2 painting scales with Paint Tool SAI by oddsocket painting scales with Paint Tool SAI :iconoddsocket:oddsocket 1,482 51 Pen pressure issue in SAI by HolyElfGirl Pen pressure issue in SAI :iconholyelfgirl:HolyElfGirl 207 21 Shadow and texture part 2 by HolyElfGirl Shadow and texture part 2 :iconholyelfgirl:HolyElfGirl 86 3 Multiply shadows by HolyElfGirl Multiply shadows :iconholyelfgirl:HolyElfGirl 69 0 Inking Tutorial for Painter by celesse Inking Tutorial for Painter :iconcelesse:celesse 3,987 726 Fast Coloured Lines in Paint Tool SAI by Konett Fast Coloured Lines in Paint Tool SAI :iconkonett:Konett 573 14 Visual Novel Sprite Height Tutorial by ULTRArei Visual Novel Sprite Height Tutorial :iconultrarei:ULTRArei 150 6 TUTORIAL - Visual Novel Sprites 101 by Konett TUTORIAL - Visual Novel Sprites 101 :iconkonett:Konett 567 21


:iconcoughandcolds: :iconpzskye: :icontakararazuro: :iconsilia11: :iconaphrodites-tears: :iconbelldew: :iconpacsus: :iconwakuwalt7: :iconlittlebruke: :iconprincessbarb21: :iconannmetherlance:



Spellbound | Character Sheet #2 Noah
One of the two main characters of my upcoming novel, Spellbound!
Character Sheet #2 Noah the Spellcaster

"Noah, a gifted mage kicked out of the Acanthus Magic Guild, wants to make everybody regret their words by stealing the place of the blessed hero and proving his might. He joined the dark war in order to stop the chaos and taking advantage of the situation. His speciality is crystallomancy, but he's a slightly above-average spellcaster too. He's struggling to keep everything in control, from the conquest of the world to the taming of the demon which he realized will probably be mission impossible.
He's not that evil, but there's a reason he pities the good and craves for the evil."

Check it out!… (with the original art)… (current update)… (updates and discussion)
Spellbound | Character Sheet #1 Enfer
One of the two main characters of my upcoming novel, Spellbound!
Character Sheet #1 Enfer the Demon

"An ifrit, the djinn of dreams and might, he was summoned by Noah to help him gather his victory.

His real name and identity are unknown.
He's being called Enfer by his master for commodity, and he adapts quickly to any situation. He hides his malevolent nature under a clear smile and some strange human hobbies, for example photography - which is his guilty pleasure - and mocking his master with bad sarcasm. Despite looking blunt and harmless, Enfer has some suprising tricks up his sleeve."

Check it out!… (with the original art)… (current update)… (updates and discussion)
Spellbound | Main Menu Screen
I belong to the Ifrits, Master,
I'm a creature of dreams and might.
You can call me Enfer, if you wish.

It's the first time I cover this topic on dA, but here's the main screen from my upcoming visual novel Spellbound. The project is halfway through the demo, but originally the CGs were from another artist. Since she left, I'm redrawing the project from scratch and this is my version of the demon character, Enfer. He's different from Hoshi's version because I'm also replacing the sprites.
What do you think? 

More info:… (with the original art)… (current update)… (updates and discussion)

No watermark, but I have the original fullsize version.
Please, do not redistribute it. 
This is a work I did for the Gamerclick Fate\Extella Creativity Contest.
It was about drawing a character from the series and explain the theme: my choice was Archer and the struggle and cooperation with his alter ego, Alter Archer from the Fate\Grand Order OVA series. I know that there is another, more famous version of Alter Archer, but this one was my favourite. In the end they both have the same goals and determination, is just the methods that differ: the swords of the two represent duality themselves.

Done with Paint Tool SAI in an insomniac night. 
These are the lyrics of the song which the title refers to. I think they suit both Archers.

"I have screamed until my veins collapsed 
I've waited last, my time's elapsed 
Now, all I do is live with so much fate 
My future seems like one big past 
You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice"
Free Sprites | #2 Nadeshiko [Read description]
Hi everyone!
I decided to release a series of free to use materials for visual novels or else. Second sprite in the series, here comes Nadeshiko, the dojo girl. She comes with 31 different expressions and one pose. These sprites are under a CC BY-NC-SA Creative Common Licence.
All I ask you is to credit me as Banya or Laplace Studio.

In addition to the licence you can:
- Rename Nadeshiko as you wish, Nadeshiko is just a name I gave her to avoid "Sprite Number 1"
- Draw CGs with her in it for your VN
- Decide if she's a trap (aka a male crossdresser)
- Use in NSFW Visual Novels - if you indicate the changes to the sprites

Have fun and show me your VN if you use them! I'll definetly play it \^-^/
For the download link, PM me!

[Last updated 03\03\2017]

Hi eveyone!
I'll take a list of the free assets and my games here. I'll update this post instead of creating new ones.

Coming soon...

Sprites (CC BY-NC-SA)
#1 | Sakura
#2 | Nadeshiko

Not active atm. But if you want to donate points, here is the link: banya-laplace-studio.deviantar…


Banya-Laplace-Studio's Profile Picture
The Laplace Demon
Hi everyone, I’m Banya from the Laplace Studio.
I live in Italy, I love writing, drawing and coding – even though I’m an absolute beginner on the last one. And, of course, I like playing video games too.
I’m an amateur visual novel writer and programmer. I still have lots to learn and I do this as a hobby from work and studies. I don’t talk much, I prefer showing what I can do, but I opened this page to encourage myself not to be shy.
I don’t think I’ll ever make a profit from my works, but I’d really love to be, one day, the creator of a game loved by a fandom. Receiving critique, fanarts and cosplays of my characters would make my dream come true but I still have far to go, so please support me as you can!


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